How often do you sit and think about the things in your life you’re grateful for? In the present climate of Covid-19, it may seem hard to feel gratitude for things when you may be facing a struggle just to get through the day. The world might not seem like a great place at the moment but there is still plenty to feel thankful for.

Gratitude can improve our psychological and physical health, it can help our self-esteem, increase our mental strength and just makes us feel generally happier. The Wheel of Gratitude exercise is about creating a picture of your current self and moment. It’s a visual of where you are right now. Even during these uncertain times, it can encourage you to recognise and express gratitude for things in your life which still make you smile (and I bet there are lots!). Think about what you are grateful for, right now. Is it having a garden? Is it still having a job? Your health? Access to food? Internet access and methods of communication?

Try writing all these things down and display it where you can easily view every day, or just keep it tucked in your diary or pocket to remind yourself of what you DO have and all the things you are grateful for 🙂

You can download a blank Wheel of Gratitude here to fill in. Enjoy!

Stay safe.

Ceri x

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